Monday, 26 April 2010

The Material Boy #389

Below: Prada's latest perforated geometric motif bags are an 'exhibitionist's' dream... Duffel retails for Euro 1100 (or SGD 2260)... love the tan colour great with the luxurious gold hardware...

Below: Comes in white and black colour too...

Below: Or a tote format...although, it feels like a housewives' shopping basket (Euro 970)...

Prada Spring Summer 2010 Saffiano Traforato Bags

Prada's focus on transparency and 'subtle perversion' in her Spring Summer 2010 collections have taken a new level in these new range of bags. Called the Saffiano Traforato Bags, it's what I call an exhibitionist's dream bag. Do you always have a unknowing 'urge' to want to reveal and unveil? No, what were you thinking! This is a 'decent' blog and here we only talked 'innocently' about arm candies!?!?! :-P

What I am referring to, is the idea of flaunting the insides of what you carry in addition to the bag that holds it:-P Okay, maybe this sounds weird but dun we sometimes have some subtle perverse tendencies to want to show off the most intimate parts of our psyche (namely what we lugged about each day... which says a lot about YOU. FBI do dig into your trash to look for clues important to solving a case. You go figure). So if 'exposure' is your thing, at least do it with some finesse and class. These new Prada bags is your answer to combine style with 'perversion'.

Strangely, I have grown an attraction to these perforated geometric motif bags made from lux saffiano leather. The intricate die-cut is an example of exemplary manufacturing technique... inspect closely and you will be amazed by the precision of the cut out patterns. Matched with shiny gold hardware and beautiful colours of tan, black or white, the bags are a true statement in luxury. The range comes in totes, duffel bags (with a mini zipped pouch attached), clutches (SGD 1260) and belts (SGD 860) (which I absolutely adore).

Elegant, subtle, exhibitionist... as only a true Prada fan can appreciate.

Source: Prada

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