Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #123

Christian Louboutin Fall Winter 2010 Womens Shoes

Look who's back? Those lean and mean studded Christian Louboutin Rollerball shoes comes haunting at your bank account yet again with leopard or black & white stripe haircalf leather for next Fall Winter 2010! There's even gold studs for added bling now! Since these androgynous shoes always recurs in the mens collection, will the boys get a similar version as well? Please let us have a white leather version. I do not even mind the black and white haircalf! I love Rollerball! The red trimmings make the shoe pop:-P

The now signature Louis Trainers also gets a whole new makeover in suede tones of sandy beiges and blacks, all adorned with silver studs we so love and covet (looks like you can now take a trip to Abu Dhabi in these suede shoes, like those SATC girls!) As for partying footwear, how about disco like metallic versions with purple trim or silver stingray-looking leather to add a notch of glamour?

Beyond Rollerball and Louis shoes, Freddy Flats lace-ups is also reinterpreted in rich deep red and royal blue velvet. How regal:-P

Lastly, I adore the haircalf leather trainers with black & white stripe in the front and red for the rest, making this pair of trainers truly eye catching!

Source: Christian Louboutin


SE@N said...

Hello gorgeous ! leopard with studs, rhinestone trainers or blue velvet lace-up - it's hard to choose or should I have them all ???

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hello Sean,

oh on closer look, those trainers do look like they are embellished with rhinestones! It's tought to choose, love the stripe with studs!