Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Material Boy #399

Below: Love these pockets squares of London Maps and Polka Dots from Paul Smith... Quirky and fun:-)

Below: Examples of how pocket squares work wonders on a simple blazer. Imagine this gentlemen with his polka dot pocket square... the look will somehow lose out on some charm and colour...

Below: The lace edging adds focal point to his otherwise plain denim blazer... Pocket square works wonders!

Paul Smith 'Polka Dots' And 'London Map' Pocket Squares

I deemed the pocket square one of the most inexpensive and effective male accessory when it comes to dressing up. Adding colour, personality and perhaps some functionality (to offer to any damsels in distress during emergencies...the fairer gender will appreciate this, trust me:-P), this little piece of silk fabric does amazing wonders to a man's debonair charm. I know I like my pocket squares colourful and quirky. Something contrasting will be most ideal. A plain suit jacket simply comes alive when colours and patterns start to peek playfully out of that front pocket. It's a talking point, it's a focal point, it's a style defining accessory without all the frills.

Paul Smith being the 'English dandy' brand with all its eccentric English charm and humour have come up with some must-have pocket squares. Varying sized Polka dots, free spirited sketches of London Maps, they are playful and colourful for any day. Me want!

Source: GQ by Tommy Ton, Por Vocaçåo


Anonymous said...

Kevin, what is the difference between pocket square and handkerchief.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Read this:-) It's basically the same thing, except when used as a decorative accessory for your jackets, you call it pocket square:-P

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

That blue blazer is divine.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thank you, kevin. so there is no difference.