Friday, 11 June 2010

My MANy Bags News #237

Below: A playful duo... Brad Goreski and Terry Richardson in a photoshoot starring himself as well...:-P What a hottie Brad is... he is hiding a six pack under those geeky guise!

Below: Team Zoe and Terry Richardson!

Terry Richardson Shoots Team Zoe (Brad Goreski...YUM:-P)!

One of the most acclaimed photographers known for his highly original style and quirky antics (and perhaps sometimes sexual)... Terry Richardson shot Team Zoe, or most noteworthy Mr Cutie, Brad Goreski. And mind you, cute Brad is hot Brad too! Under all that geeky guise, Goreski hides a hot bod, albeit a slightly hairy chest which looked absolutely sexy:-)

Enjoy the bunch's crazy posing, but get a grip on that 'drool' I see hanging from your mouth! How fun to shoot with Terry Richardson. Rachel, do loosen up like Brad, he seems to be having such a good time!

Source: Terry Richardson's Diary

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