Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Runway Sniper #68

Below: Tsumori Chisato Fall Winter 2010 Womens Collection is eclectic, ethnic and simply eccentric with unexpected details. Love this dress... do you notice the goat motif that becomes part of the fringe detail? Shimmery and colourful...

Tsumori Chisato Fall Winter 2010 Womenswear

Overdosed on severe minimalist looks running rampant in the fashion world now? Want something less uptight and more uplifting? Then count on Tsumori Chisato for highly imaginative and individual womenswear, that often has a hint of japanese 'kawaii (cuteness)' while breaking away from the austerity of other big brand names.

This fall winter 2010 season, look toward the far east to the world of gypsies, persian carpets, desert nomads and turkish empires for what the designer termed a 'pop ethnic' collection.
Loomy cotton white dress with the accent of black and white patterns are imaged from nomadic tents, while turkish military-like beige poncho and shiny black velvet jacket with gold spangles are coordinated with colourful paisley print for a mad mix of far eastern influences.

There is an unrestrained expression of imagination in the clothes as seen in the vivid patterns and colours. That dress with the goat motif extended as fringes is amazingly surreal. Just as eye catching are those 'optically challenging' tights with contrasting shimmer and colourful graphics that gives Pucci a run for its money.

Fun accessories such as flatshoes with tent motif and magical lamp shaped necklace also add to the designer's concept of pop blended with ethnic influences. Under all that fashion 'bric and brac', there lies the eccentricities of manga, adventure and undisputed crazy mix-up style only a Japanese designer fathom. Not every women wants to dress monochromatic and 'clinically cleansed' of details. Tsumori Chisato's Fall Winter collection caters to ladies who wants that opposite.

Tsumori Chisato can be found in Blackjack, Forum Shopping Mall in Singapore. (Menswear is also stocked here). Good news awaits fans of this manga meets high fashion brand:-P So stay tuned!

Below: And look what I got from Tsumori Chisato during the recent Club 21 sale... a cute bowtie with shimmery silver spots:-) Love it! Can't wait to wear it to events for some nerdy cute chic!:-P

Source: Club 21 Global

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love these looks. the shoes look different from the usual typical ones these days.