Sunday, 29 August 2010

My MANy Bags News #255

Below: Ryan Reynolds is the new hunky spokesperson for Boss Bottled Night fragrance... Major nose bleed...

Below: Ryan is a Boss suit...nose bleed time...LOVE!

Below: Ryan Reynolds is going to appear in spandex as Green Lantern on the big screen! Love his look for the comic book superhero:-P

Below: Watch Ryan Reynolds in the new Boss Bottled Night TV commercial...

Ryan Reynolds: The New 'Boss Bottled' Fragrance Hunk!

I first saw Ryan Reynolds in the TV series '2 guys, a girl and a pizza place'. I wasn't wowed or considered him a hunk or superstar. Fast forward years later, the Canadian star got older, got muscled, got more masculine appeal and is now in hot pursuit for fan girls and fan boys alike. I love him in The Proposal (which I envied Sandra Bullock for lip-locking him!), and highly anticipating his debut as the Green Lantern in another upcoming comic book turned movie role. Don't you love guys who wear spandex and has a powerful 'jewellery' that saves the world?

Nuff' said, Ryan Reynolds also joins the hunks galore (the likes of Alex Lundqvist, Gabriel Aubry and Marius Hordijk) of previous Boss Bottled fragrance spokesperson (Watch the 3 hunks in action here), starring in the ad campaign of the new 'Boss Bottled Night'. Amazing apartment, impeccably groomed and styled Ryan... who can resist the charm of such persuasive advertising? I want a bottle now. Except I would have love to see Ryan doing the signature 'out of the shower' scene, half naked like his predecessors. Awww... what a disappointment:-p He should be allowed to flaunt his abs.

Nonetheless, Ryan rules!

Source: Hugo Boss


oh fudge said...

he did not even take off his shirt. not fun.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes, such a pity! Ryan has a hot bod:-P