Monday, 6 April 2009

Model Talk #03

The latest print ad starring Marius Hordijk. Love his hair!

Below: Marius Hordijk - Year 2008

Below: Gabriel Aubry - Year 2002

Below: Alex Lundqvist - Year 2000

New Hunk For Boss By Hugo Boss Fragrance - Marius Hordijk

Boss By Hugo Boss fragrance is one of the hottest and my favourite TV commercial for men's fragrance. It all started with Alex Lundqvist, one of the top 90's super male models. The TVC has a simple idea. It depicts a hottie getting ready for the day. Sexy scenes of him getting out of bed and then the showers...a good excuse to show some flesh and ending with him dressing impeccably before he steps out of the house. All this scenes paints an image of successful, handsome, young professionals having it all in life. Fragrance ads thrives on creating aspirations with the audience, a lust for the dream lifestyle that may or may not happen in reality. It's effective and it worked for me in the very least. I bought the fragrance upon first seeing the ad.:-)

Eventually, Alex grew out of favour of the audience (getting's a cruel world out there) and his successor was another eye candy Gabriel Aubry (his beau is beautiful Halle Berry, I assume their baby will grow up to be creme de la creme of beauty since both parents look so gorgeous). For Gabriel's version, the same scenes are reshot to look more contemporary, but still as 'provocative' and hot!

And now with an almost 6 years lapse, my new favourite...Marius Hordijk starring in his the new version of the Boss commercial. Check him out...I got adrenalin pumping with the first few scenes of him just out of the showers. Love he enters the 'holey moley-I am drooling' huge walk-in closet, wearing his towel very low on his waist:-P Yum. I think the ad just rekindle my interest in the fragrance:-P Me want to smell like Boss again. I am easily 'persuaded' by hot models in sexy TVCs.:-P Just like Jamie Dornan's Dior Homme Fragrance commercial.

So my fellow blog readers....which of these 3 hotties did the sexiest take of the commercial? Vote now!

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