Sunday, 1 August 2010

My Shopping Conquest #107

Below: New 'loot' from Blackjack, the multi-label store stocking some of the coolest Japanese labels in Singapore!

Below: Cute padded corsages from Japanese label, Mercibeaucoup to add some colour and fun to your winter ensembles!

Below: I picked the 2 best looking ones from the 6 variants! 'Alexander Mcqueen-ish' red plaid... Scottish flair? Love the gold sequins and the fluffy padded design! So cute:-P

Below: Looks great on my Né-net cropped 'schoolboy' jacket!

Below: All of them looked so cute, I cannot stop at just one, so I got 2, including this 'Chanel-ish' grey tweed fabric version...sophisticated with a jab of 'Kawaii'!

Below: How thoughtful, 2 ways to attached the corsage... clip or pin.

Below: Definitely a statement decoration for any jackets, or even bags, shirts, jumpers and more...

Below: Lookbook pics from Mercibeaucoup's Fall Winter 2010 collection. Japanese guys pull off these kind of quaint street looks the best! Love his red plaid corsage on the white jumper...

Below: Or the grey tweed corsage on the tweed blazer...

Below: Girls have all the fun too, 2 on the shoulders for double the fun!

Below: Or pin it on shirts for added visual interest...

Mercibeaucoup Fall Winter 2010 Padded Fabric Corsage

Kawaii! Who can resist 'Kawaii' charm from the land of the rising sun... the Japanese are so adept at creating the cutest things, they can even turn the most 'ugly' things into the most adorable.

When I first saw these Mercibeaucoup Fall Winter 2010 Padded Fabric Corsage from my friend's iphone pics, I knew I want it. Big, loud, fun and colourful but most of all, so cute! I want all of them.

With some free time on my hands before my Diesel Craft Rebel Party on Friday, I stopped by Blackjack at Forum Shopping Mall to bag some of these!

So out of the 6 variants to choose from, I got the 2 best looking ones embroidered with gold sequins and made from sumptuous plaid and tweed fabrics. These oversized padded corsages somehow reminded me of Alexander Mcqueen (Red plaid) and Chanel (Grey tweed). They are definitely made to be an eye catching decorative piece on anything from bags, jumpers, shirts or blazers! Love it. At SGD70 a piece, it's a must-buy!

Source: Club21 Global, Fashionsnap, Hmr

Retail price: SGD70. Where to buy: Blackjack, Forum Shopping Mall

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freshmess said...

I would have picked the same two, so cute!