Thursday, 9 September 2010

Inspiration Thursday!

Tokyo Incoming: Wardrobe Planning...

If money is no problem, and items readily available... What would I wear on my upcoming 'virgin' trip to Tokyo? Land of the rising sun is mecca to radical fashion fanatics. Should I go all the way? Probably not. I cannot pull off or have the guts to mix and match in the most odd of manners like the Jap guys.

But I would be happy to try what I have sketched today:-P Ah... Some Balmain military cool. A lightweight Céline Cabas, some easy walking 'cut-out' shoes from Jil Sander, slouchy ribbed T-shirt with amazing braided detail from Mihara Yasuhiro. And a nice pair of Khaki pants to round off the look. (Okay maybe this outfit is not winter proof... but imagination knows no weather patterns. :-P should make me stand out while not shouting out?!?!:-P)

Oh lastly, I want to keep my hair longer with asymmetric fringe, Manga style, here I come! Need to blend in with my destination:-P

(See my other sketch here:-P)

Source: Céline, Mihara Yasuhiro, Balmain, Jil Sander


freshmess said...

Amazing sketch again, Kev! I'm excited for your maiden trip to Japan! I hope work doesn't f*ck up my booked trip to Tokyo in February. *crosses fingers

Bagaholicboy said...

You sketched that? Really Kevin, you should do posts like these more often. Love it!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes I did, Alvin:-)

and thanks Mark:-P Hope you can go to Japan as planned. Sucks when work hinders the travel plans.

Good luck!

Will try to do more of these sketches for sure:-)

freshmess said...

Thanks Kevin!

Shane Bailey said...

I know for sure that no "odd of manners" exists in Tokyo. They tend to be dramatically dressed all the time. So be bold and try something fun! Again, great sketch!

SE@N said...

yeah !!! you sketch again.