Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Material Boy #414

Below: Apple gadgets always brings new means of revenue for designers... check out these designer ipad cases!

Designer Ipad Cases

If the cool extra large touch screen and cool interface do not tempt you to want to own an ipad, then perhaps these designer ipad cases will... especially the Chanel version.


1) Louis Vuitton (Price: US$390)
2) Oscar De La Renta (Price: US$290)
3) Salvatore Ferragamo (Price: US$390)
4) Gucci (Price: US$290)
5) YSL (Price: US$795)
6) Chanel (Price: US$1555)
7) Burberry (Price: US$475)


Dempsey Sanders said...

i really like the Chanel version

Dark Blue Jeans said...

i love the YSL :)

Anonymous said...

I like YSL and Ferragamo