Saturday, 4 September 2010

My MANy Bags News #259

Below: Guess who tweeted me? It's our ever friendly and sweet on-screen mega style star, Brad Goreski all the way from LA! Hi Brad!

Below: Love u Brad, your style and impeccable taste in styling!

Below: Thanks to @BBlueCoates, my Brad Goreski inspired lookbook post was made known to my source of inspiration..namely Brad himself:-P Thank you! Thank you!

Today Will Now Be Remembered As 'Brad Goreski' Day!

I know I am behaving like some adolescent kid going gaga over an idol. And believe me, I should be 'overaged' and not eligible anymore for this kind of behaviour:-P

But there's always an exception to everything...especially when it comes to my ultimate style idol and the sweetest, cutest TV star ever, Mr Brad Groeski. Everything I should not be doing just got thrown out the door. I need to SCREAM! YAY!!!!! HURRAY! I am doing cart wheels, jumping, prancing, dancing...I am exhilarated! Thank you Brad. U made my day. I am so glad you like the way I would have styled you. You look great in anything... but I am just so flattered you like the way I intepreted your style.

So today will now be officially remembered in my calendar as 'Brad Goreski day'. Yay!

(BTW Brad, nice to 'tweet' name is Kevin:-P Virtual handshake to you.)

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silviasiantar said...

congratulations!! i really can imagine you doing cart wheels, jumping, prancing, dancing..;)


oh fudge said...

pure awesomeness, Kevin!

HM said...

OMG...even though you can't put Brad on the 'Kevin's Famous People To Meet' List but maybe you could make a 'Famous People I've virtually met on Twitter' List ;)

P.S. Congrats! A well deserved compliment to such a hard working blogger!

freshmess said...


Robbie said...

Get it boy!!! SO jealous!

SE@N said...

OMG!!! He's adorable and nice to shout out to you via Twitter... :)