Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My MANy Bags News #260

Below: 'Drop 20 soldier!' How can you resist the orders of a sexy officer such as Natasha Poly (Wearing fabulous Balmain:-P Woot!) ? Women in power:-P Poor Jamie Dornan who looked so hunky despite in PT kit and sweating profusely... Model Bootcamp anyone?

Below: French Vogue September issue with this interesting editorial 'Corps D'Elite'...shot by our favourite 'Uncle' Terry Richardson...

Below: Being a model is touch job, Jamie...Natasha is fierce, so do your thing, Jamie Dornan, flex some abs!

Below: What's a photoshoot with Uncle Terry without some perverse twist... Natasha not shy about showing her assets...oops. I blurred it off for my PG audience.

Below: The female officer subcumbing to the charms of the young officer. Hey, watch that hand Mr Jamie Dornan. Shame on you?!?! She is a lady!

Below: And they ride happily ever after into the sunset...

"Drop Twenty Soldier!" : Vogue Paris September Issue

For those of you proudly serving your country, have you ever wished your officer in charge is as hot and sexy as Natasha Poly? Or for that matter, if you are an officer, would you want your recruits to be as hunky as Jamie Dornan?

French Vogue
is fulfilling your 'fantasies' with this incredibly engaging story for their September issue, which mixes high fashion with a bit of perversion. Who else can hold their ground in photographing and balancing high style with a sexually charged context better than 'Uncle' Terry Richardson? Uncle Terry's style is instantly recognisable in the editorial.

seems to be the hot favourite in terms of styling choices, with belts, jackets from the fall winter 2010 collection appearing in majority of the spreads.

In the end, the story takes a turn as the hot female officer gets 'smooched' by her male counterpart with some 'restricted audience' moments. Unfortunately, I have to blur off the critical areas. This is PG blog. But in the name of high fashion, u just have to use a little imagination. Whether it's a bold editorial, with a fun twist or simply distasteful. I leave it up to you. Fashion is democratic.

I know I like it:-)

Source: Ohlala, Vogue Paris


Jeanne Rabbit said...

LOL, I thought fashion was libertarian?!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

haha.U need to take your stand in Fashion, just like in Politics!:-P

Anonymous said...

Stop glorifying that pervert please. Thanks.