Thursday, 13 November 2014

Louis Vuitton Poche Documents In Damier Graphite

Below: After seeing this gentlemen spotting this handsome Louis Vuitton Poche Doucments in Damier Graphite Checks... I want one too! Great size and versatile for suited looks for events
and parties... (Streetstyle pic from Chris Smart)
Below: The Poche Documents range have since expanded from just Monogram canvas to include Epi leather and Damier graphite...

Louis Vuitton Poche Documents in Damier Graphite

There is a love hate relationship going on for me when it comes to monogram patterns. Obnoxious when done excessively, a magnet for counterfeiting but undeniably timeless when done right.

And speaking of monogram pattern, I am sure Louis Vuitton comes to the top of mind for many people. I have disliked the over flooding of their monogram bags in the brand’s prime days. Everyone carried their bags for the brand and not the style. It was all flash your cash with little taste. However, all is not lost for these patterns... when used with discretion, monogram prints can be a huge style statement.

In my opinion, monogram works best on small leather goods. And Louis Vuitton’s Poche Documents cases is a great sized bag to flaunt the pattern. An endearing design over the years, Louis Vuitton have since expanded their Poche Documents range from just Monogram Canvas(USD810) to include Damier Graphite Checks (USD1230) and Epi Leather (USD1360) variants.

Today, I was browsing online and found this amazing picture of this well dressed guy spotting a fantastic Poche Documents in Damier Canvas. It immediately got my attention. Loving the sizing (Measures 14.2” x 10.6” x 0.8”) and that extra exterior zipper detail that gives the man clutch an added modern touch. A gusset on one side allows for expansion should you have more things to carry. The timeless and versatile design matches up suited looks perfectly, any season of the year. Now I am tempted to get this as my Christmas gift this year! 

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Source: Louis Vuitton


Jaslynn Joan said...

Compact document porche and it also having great look..
Jaslynn, Bizbilla

thompsonboy said...

You bought some monograms too in your earlier days, no? Everyone been there and learnt. Somehow it looks cheaper on us Asian maybe because there's too many counterfeit