Monday, 29 November 2010

The Material Boy #424

Below: My Christmas wishlist from Bottega Veneta... any 'Santa Claus (means all my generous friends:-P) to surprise me this festive holiday?:-P To make shopping for me easier, here's a list of what will make me very happy:-P
Top of my wishlist, these jewel tones Crocodile Fume Document Case (SGD 17790)... you will be my 'best friend' forever! Ostrich version (SGD 9510) accepted too:-)

Below: Or some handsome bags to hold my tech gear? These Bottega Veneta Polonaise Computer Case (SGD 3250 for black/ SGD 3050 for bitter) or messenger bags (SGD 3150) will be perfect to safekeep my iphone and macbook!

Below: I will not mind these Light Calf Travel Cases (SGD 780) (to hold all the lugs and chargers or use as a clutch) or the handsome Cervo Briefcases with gorgeous textured leather!

Below: Fabulous Light Calf Soft Crocodile Convertible Bag (SGD 9500) with BV glasses to make casual days out even more fabulous and gay:-P

Below: And if I am to own a crocodile skin bag, it's a must to match it with exotic skin small leather goods... the purple croc skin wallet (SGD 1630) is worth considering. And, okay, I can also compromise with any intrecciato designs too (Intrecciato Calf Wallet, SGD 610):-P

Below: Lastly, any of these lovely Intrecciato Calf Leather or Suede Loafers (SGD 870) will remind me of our 'friendship' with every step I take! Such a thoughful gift, don't you think?:-P (Hint Hint!)

Bottega Veneta Christmas 2010 Wishlist

It's the season of giving. I wonder what 'Santa Claus' ( that means really 'good' friends who wants to make me really happy:-P) will bring me this festive holiday. So to help these 'friends' have an idea on what I am wishing for and make their festive shopping a little easier (I am that thoughtful to my 'good' friends:-P)... Here's a list of beautiful things from Bottega Veneta to kick start the gift shopping for me:-P

And I assume $ is no issue since friendship is priceless eh? These 'friends' are indeed generous:-P

So here u go:-P...make me happy!:-P

Top on my list are those high gloss, ultra luxurious Crocodile Fume Document Case in purple, blue and emerald green. Just imagine how many pairs of envy eyes will be on me when I attend Christmas parties clutching one of these in my hands?!?! Please do bear in mind, I will also gladly accept the Emerald Green Ostrich version if crocodile is not available. Ain't I that 'easy' to please?:-P

Every boy loves their tech toys. I am no exception. I love my laptop. I love my iphone. A guy will smile and dream of Bottega Veneta's Polonaise Computer Case or messenger bags in browns and blacks to safe keep our connection to the world. Handsome with no frills, it's a perfect everyday companion, sturdy enough to hold all all your tech gear for the new year! Or how about the Cervo briefcases in textured leather to play up extra contrast for any well suited professionals?:-P I am sure these lovely, handsome bags will help me make a impression with my potential clients when I use them at work:-) So do keep these bags in mind too:-P

If you find shopping for work related gifts a letdown for festive spirits, then how about something for my casual days off. Imagine my joy if I can have the Light Calf Soft Crocodile Convertible Bag paired with that nerd chic BV glasses (love the intrecciato patterns!) that will go excellent with jeans and bow tie. To make sure there is a perfect match, please do consider adding in some crocodile and ostrich wallets and you will be my best friend for a long long time to come.

Okay, I am beginning to sound too demanding? Bags and exotic skins are too extravagant, oh no worries... I am sure, in the very least, a pair of intrecciato woven suede or leather loafers should fit any budget? These shoes will remind me of our friendship every step I take. Ain't that a thoughtful gift idea?

So to all my 'GOOD' friends... you now know what I want.

Thank you in advance!

(A guy can dream:-) It's Christmas time and we can all wish for the best!)

Source: Bottega Veneta

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Shane Bailey said...

I'd kidnap Santa and ask for the green ostrich clutch as ransom!! I'll do it !