Monday, 29 November 2010

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #139

Below: Remember Mr 'Giacomorelli', the guy who was first to spot Giacomorelli's studded leopard print loafers? He's back with new fashion inspiration! Alexander McQueen Skull Leather Clutch anyone?!?! Looked great even for a guy! His metallic gold shoes are fabulous too... if you got yourself the recent Lanvin x H&M versions, this is how you can wear them!

Below: Never seen these Alexander McQueen Clutch on a guy... but it worked for him! Now I want one!

Below: Alexander McQueen Skull Clutches for Spring Summer 2011... these basic ones will be perfect even for guys:-)

Below: Mr "Giacomorelli' was the first guy I found to be spotting those beautiful studded leopard shoes...

A Guy And Alexander McQueen Clutch

Does everyone remember 'Mr Giacomorelli'? (I named him that as he was the one who got me noticing Giacomorelli's studded leopard loafers. But unfortunately, I do not know his exact name.)

Mr 'Giacomorelli' is now back to inspire more with his adventurous fashion antics. This time, he is spotted with gorgeous flower embellished Alexander McQueen Leather Clutch with Bejewelled Skull Knob. Never seen a guy pull this clutch off before, so this is refreshing. And in some ways, it worked! In his hands, the clutch felt like a cigarette or whisky case and not feminine at all.

Love it! And for those lucky guys who managed to snag Lanvin x H&M metallic shoes, here's his take on shiny metallic leather footwear (Probably from Lanvin a few season's back)! Stunning!

Love! And inspired. I need a McQueen clutch...

Christmas pressie to me, anyone?:-P

Source: Style Sightings


SE@N said...

agree !!! he totally rocked that clutch.

Shane Bailey said...

This is just brilliant! Did you notice the neon green slim belt?! ohh... I'm having a serious crush on this "elderly" man!

L&H LA said...

i love it.
the texture and colors perfect for fall
and the other 2 more solid ones are even more better too.

now if i could afford them and wish they made larger ones for my 10' netbook and 14' laptop.

i miss Alexander McQueen

Alex said...

I hope you spot more of Mr. "Giacomorelli" because I LOVE his look and style!