Wednesday, 3 November 2010

My Shopping Conquest #113

Below: I have already started my Lanvin craze... and keenly anticipating the Lanvin x H&M new Lanvin shirt from a couple months back:) Lanvin Tulle Appliqué Poplin Shirt!

Below: Trust Lanvin to use a fabric commonly used for veils and gown to add to the dandy charm of a men's shirt:-) Perfect for year end parties!

Below: Love the slimmer fit, not too tight nor loose...

Below: a touch of leopard to add more Lanvin charm:-P

Lanvin Tulle Appliqué Poplin Shirt

Since Lanvin is in the fashion spotlight now with their new H&M collaboration, I thought it is time to reveal a Lanvin piece I got quite a while ago. I have been saving it for year end, as it will make a perfect party shirt come this Christmas and New Year! Here's my Lanvin Tulle Appliqué Poplin Shirt, something elegant and charming... in the form of tulle (a lightweight, very fine netting used commonly in veils and gowns) appliqué decorating the front of the tuxedo-style shirt. It's a subtle touch of femininity that create an interesting opposing gender styles. Micro checks pattern also contrast the formal and informal look which added to the charm of the shirt. Something distinctively Lanvin and unique, just like all Lanvin pieces:-)

Surprisingly, Lanvin shirts have been more slim fitted since the past 2 seasons, which fits me better without the need to do any alteration. I can't wait to wear this to year end masquerade parties, especially with a oversize Lanvin x H&M bow tie:-P, those cropped blazers and metallic purple lace-ups. (need to start 'facebooking' friends in all H&M present countries soon!:-P) I have my year end party gear all sorted already, have you?

Source: myMANybags

Retail price: SGD669. Where to buy: Lanvin Boutique At Hilton Hotel, Singapore


12 Cavaliers said...

We have H&M over here in Hong Kong! Will try to queue up on Nov 23 :) Let me know if you want anything in particular! The bowties, right? ;)

Dark Blue Jeans said...

i love it when u blog about men's clothing :)

十十f十 said...

love your shoes!