Friday, 5 November 2010

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #136

Below: It's time to take a hike! Let's do some 'urban mall mountaineering' with these fabulous hiking boots!
(we do scale new heights when it comes to multi level exploration of retail stores in mega malls!)

Take A Hike, Boys! – Fall Winter 2010 Hiking Boots

Ever since I saw the pic below from The Sartorialist, I am on the lookout for hiking style boots that will achieved an urban adventurer look. Country ensembles are also gaining momentum this Fall Winter 2010 season, so these mountain trekking footwear are a must have! Italian guys have even worn hiking boots with suits for fall season which adds an unexpected twist to these outdoor shoes. Talk about being 'creative':-P (See pic below). I love it!

Below: Check out this guy below pairing what is supposed to be formal wear with footwear that was always thought to belong to the outdoors! Interesting!

Something that is in line with the boots trend for this Fall Winter season and yet has a rugged look to tread thru the 'shopping' terrains of Tokyo and Hokkaido! (I am headed to Japan in Dec! Yay!) Something that will allow me to achieve the look! I have everything already from the pic, from the military green overcoat, to the stripe t-shirt (Zara!) to the skinny white jeans, all I need now are those hiking style boots:-P

Here's some options I have gathered, from Bally to Dolce & Gabbana to Paul Smith... but I am loving the Zara ones the most. Since I love the price tag to be expected for Zara's version (SGD 199 and 229 for the top and bottom one respectively:-P) Ultimately, I intend to invest as little on winter gear and as much as I can on Tokyo shopping!:-) Call it my 'smart shopping' budgeting!:-)

Anyone else for hiking boots:-P?

Source: Bally, John Richmond, Dolce & Gabbana, Zara, Paul Smith

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Shane Bailey said...

Boots are so hot this season. But I'm not sure about boots with suits ~~