Thursday, 16 December 2010

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #182

Below: Gorgeous new bags from the Jil Sander Spring Summer 2011 Womens collection... these frame bags and totes exude sophistication and modernity with a touch of artistic expression from the flower prints...

Below: The blue striped and plain leather versions of the frame bag designs are equally appealing:-)

Below: Bold and generous use of colours makes these new Jil Sander bags a treat for the eyes, something to make your summer outifts pop!

Below: Every major luxury brand is doing shopping totes, how about some Jil Sander orange red plastic version or the one with flower print to spice up your weekend retail therapy?

Below: Modern lines and interesting shapes in eye popping fluorescent colours makes these shoulder bags perfect to steal away the limelight for yourself at summer parties...

Below: Colourful hobos for any occasion... beach time or mall time...

Below: Minimal designs for the clutches... only for the discerning who appreciates simplicity:-)

Below: I love these small wrist bags... the pyramid shape reminds me of milk cartons:-) Bold and eye catching:-) Love the colours too!

Below: Boys, these totes and duffels in more subdued tones will work for you too!

Jil Sander Spring Summer 2011 Womens Bags

Jil Sander
bags have long eluded the attention of savvy bag fans. But with recent seasons, it is apparent the designs have taken a big leap forward and with interesting shapes and details, the bag collection is now one to be sought after.

Colour is a key theme for Jil Sander's Spring Summer 2011. Flower prints have recurred for both the mens and women's collections, so it is no surprise we see these gorgeous prints incorporated into the women's bags. I am especially liking the frame bags with these flower print. Unique shape, contemporary and classy, it's definitely an arm candy to get that attention and envy you seek. I also adore the blue striped or plain coloured leather versions which are both equally poise and sophisticated while exuding a hint of summer.

Hobos, shopping totes, clutches and duffels, an extensive selection of styles to suit any modern women's needs. Those with hues of fluorescent green, blue, pinks and yellows standout the most and make this new collection a visual treat for the eyes. How can you not fall in love with these cheerful and exciting colours?

Good job, Raf Simons, it's long overdue that Jil Sander bags stays top of the wishlist of fashionistas everywhere!

Source: Jil Sander

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Scorpion Disco said...

LOVE the pyramid bags!!!!! I need one! Any idea how much they cost?