Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My Shopping Conquest #123

Below: My Hermés 'goes lucky' shopping conquest... Love my new Hermés SS2011 'Lucky Stripe' Cotton Losange Scarf with l
ots of horse shoe to bless me good luck:-P

Below: I first saw this on Mens Uomo Japan Magazine... in white and tabac. It's love at first sight. But I got mine in Thalassa blue which is as gorgeous, if not more versatile:-P
Below: The white version as featured in Hermés Spring Summer 2011 Mens Runway...

My New 'Lucky Charm': Hermés Spring Summer 2011 'Lucky Stripe' Cotton Losange Scarf in Thalassa/Tabac/Ficelle

Hermés uniquely shaped losange scarf has always been on my wishlist. I have never found one that is light-weight enough to suit Singapore's hot humid climate. The luxurious cashmere and silk versions are nice (not to mention expensive... at SGD$1550!) but they can get you feeling like a 'sauna' if you attempt it in daytime Singapore. However, if you get yourself a pure cotton version, it's a different story.

For Spring Summer 2011, Hermès sends down the runway with one of my most 'favourite to date' Losange Scarf design. Check out this Hermés 'Lucky Stripe' Cotton Losange Scarf from the mens collection. As the name suggests, it featured prints of little horse shoes done in quirky Hermés style. Horse shoe has long been a symbol for good luck. If one does magic to enhance your luck... imagine what hundreds of them will bring to the wearer of this scarf...:-) Call me supertitious. (There are simply many imprinted on scarf... so this is one mega lucky charm!:-P)
So when I spotted this scarf at the Liat Towers Hermès store in Singapore, I had to own it. I am deeming this new Hermés Losange scarf my lucky charm. Let's see if my luck will change and the forces beyond sends me more $, love and health:-P

My scarf is in the colour ways of Thalassa/Tabac/Ficelle. A turquoise based blue with golden brown prints. There is a white version featured on the Mens SS2011 runway. Perfect for summer days, the breathable cotton fabric is not suffocating nor too warm for tropical weather. The look is also more contemporary due to the flowing nature of cotton, does not drape and appear too 'heavy'. Good for casual or semi formal looks, imagine millionaire playboys on the loose in Cannes or St. Tropez. (The runway styling from the SS2011 mens runway gives me that impression:-P)

Best part of the purchase... this cotton version has an attractive pricing of SGD450 (as compared to SGD1550 for a cashmere piece). Hence, no one should resist its beckoning:-)

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thehighstreethobo said...

that's a fab scarf but I'm not sure I'm ready to drop down that amount of money yet on a scarf. I love your blog, I've only recently launched mine please do stop over to follow me

oh fudge said...

yay! we love losanges!

I have the pinstriped white with orange border. it's SS2009, I think, and I love it to bits. it's perfect when the weather alternates between chilly spring and sunny summer.

radioteletype said...


Went to Hermes at Taka, salesguy quoted me $900+ for cotton scarf. Please advise. Thanks.


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

U should sort out this issue with the store, not me. I don't sell the scarves and I do not work for Hermès:-)