Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #219

Below: Wedge soles and brogues have invaded Dior Homme's Fall Winter 2011 collection... All thanks to Prada's infamous SS2011 Wingtips Espadrilles:-P Dior Homme does theirs in rugged style, ready to tread any urban jungle...
Below: Anyone for Dior Homme's Wedge Sole Brogues? Who does it better...Prada or Dior Homme?
Below: Dior Homme's trainers remains my favourite sporty style option... especially with striking red accent colour!

Dior Homme Fall Winter 2011 Mens Shoes

Wedge soles, wedge soles... brogues, brogues, brogues...

These have been the key words for footwear trends this Spring Summer 2011 season. And it's all thanks to Prada's infamous Wingtips Espadrilles which caused this shift in footwear obsession. Suddenly, wearing thick rubber sole shoes becomes an acceptable style for guys who once frown upon Ronald McDonald's chunky shoes.

This 'wedge sole' trend has miraculously survived the summer and seeped into the upcoming Fall Winter 2011 season. Not only does Prada recur the designs, but Dior Homme follows suit with their interpretation as well. Chunky, masculine boots/ brogues anyone? I like Dior Homme's rugged brown leather ones with those gripping soles. But they beg the question for me... are they Dior Homme enough? I leave it in your own opinion.

However, when it comes to trainers with a contemporary edge... no one can challenge Dior Homme's aesthetics. Once again, the collection of new designs for their signature trainers is savvy and very wallet 'seducing'. The use of Fall Winter 2011's most prominent accent colour, Red, adds an welcoming visual punch to the shoes, eye catching but not overpowering!

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Source: Dior Homme

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