Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Material Boy #523

Below: Me modelling my new bag obsession... Hermès Evelyne GM size in Etoupe colour...
Hermès Evelyne III Bag

may be the name associated with the highly coveted Birkins and Kellys... I sometimes get dismayed by their other bag designs, which can be bland and worse, overpriced. Doremi, Garden Party and most of all Evelyne. The first is like a carrying drum (adidas style), the second is a wannabe Hermès devoid of personality... and the last, oversized branding for showoffs. Apologies if I sound harsh on my critics of these designs.

However never say never, perceptions changed, tastes evolved and when new information are learned... I can see myself eating my words one day. It happened with the Evelyne bag. I never displayed an inch of interest in the bag and frown upon one if I ever see it on the streets. But ever since that fateful day I accompanied Bagaholicboy to buy his... I somehow had a 360 degrees change of perception. The bag despite the huge branding, does look amazingly effortless and easy to wear on guys... and the GM size in etoupe just screams my name (See my modelling pic above). My love for the bag grew when I learned the right way to carry the Evelyne bag should be the non branded side facing out, and the perforated logo had a purpose and not solely to flaunt the brand insignia. It was to create airing for the riding tools this bag was originally designed for. A bit of history that made the Evelyne even more desirable.

Below: This is the right side to carry the Evelyne... The perforated branded side has a more functional purpose of airing the contents rather than to showoff...

Evelyne comes in a few sizes. For guys, choose from PM, GM to the oversized TGM which is most favoured. The front pocket with a button closure allows easy access to contents and the adjustable canvas shoulder strap is great for hands free weekend shopping around! Now I just have to find the SGD4500 for the GM size (I am slim, so GM fits me best) or if you like a bigger version, the TGM is yours for SGD4850.

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Source: Hermès

2 comments: said...

I never regret mine in Graphite!

j.won said...

Hermes introduced a new size for s/s 12 it's called the TTGM. I'm not sure about the dimensions but my SA said it's huge! :)