Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #262

 Below: A new print of propeller fighter planes against paisley background for Givenchy's Pre-spring 2013 collection... absolutely amazing and refreshing!
 Below: The new print translated onto shirts and clutch which is a must have!
Below: Masculine/feminine contrast that gives personality and depth to the collection. Soft pinks against military olive green? Bravo to the colour choice...
Givenchy Pre-Spring 2012 Menswear

I love pre-season collections. Designs created ahead of the prime seasonal collections to allow for transition to a new season. Pre-season designs are usually more wearable while giving a hint of what’s to come. Sometimes they can even be more exciting than what will be presented on the runways a few months later...

For Givenchy’s pre-spring 2013 menswear, such is the case. We are introduced to an entirely new set of prints, this time featuring propeller planes (military types, I presume) against an intricate background of paisley prints. Set in forest green tones, this new pattern adds on to the already heated craze for Givenchy’s statement making prints. Roitweiler, menacing Sharks, Pin-up girls and Birds of Paradise have all taken on well with the boys, so I forsee this fighter plane motif to be another sell-out! I definitely want that shirt and clutch bag with this new print.

Riccardo Tisci also continues to contradict his aesthetics with masculine sportive and gothic styles against soft feminine touches of pastel pinks and man skirts. It’s this interesting dichotomy of masculine vs. feminine, altar boys vs. bad boy style that gave Givenchy it’s stand out personality. I am a fan of all the highly wearable pieces and most of all, the colour palette. Olive greens and reds with pink... How oddly charming? Not to forget those kick-ass gladiator sandals which will send all the boys crazy.

Another thumbs up for Givenchy

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Source: Givenchy

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