Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Material Boy #567

Below: My summer wishlist... from my favourite brand of the moment... Carven. This Botanical Encyclopedia Print shirt is the brand's 'geeky' spin on summer florals. Bright and cheery and ready for summer:-)
Carven Spring Summer 2013 Mens 'Botanical' Encyclopedia Print Shirt

Florals are synonymous with Spring Summer season. But in menswear, flowery designs tread a thin line between flamboyant feminine and charming masculine. That is unless you are Carven:-P The brand’s Spring Summer 2013 Mens Collection managed to bridge that male floral taboo. Their latest menswear pieces come with a ‘geeky’ take on summer florals. Designer, Guillaume Henry extracted botanical illustrations right out of the encyclopedia and transferred them into playful, whimsical prints on his Spring Summer 2013 mens pieces. Geek chic and boyish charm are now elevated to desirable levels minus the girly factor.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the Botanicals Print Shirt or the matching shorts and jacket. Even the embroidered floral sweatshirt ain’t too shabby either. Perfect for layering on top of the shirt. I guess many of my fellow fashion ‘geeks’ agreed too, because the sweat shirt is now sold out in many online stores. Once bitten twice shy.... I may have missed out on getting the sweatshirt while I had my chance, I am definitely not going to miss out on the botanicals print shirt now. After some research, the shirt is now available for pre-order at €306.00 (Vat incl.) at Italian retailer, Railso. But their shipping costs to Singapore is a hefty €80.00 (Yikes!) which means I have to do my search elsewhere. Wish me luck!

Below: I love this look. The floral embroidered floral sweatshirt is perfect for layering on top of the shirt:-P

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Source: Carven

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