Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Material Boy #575

Below: New Spring Summer 2013 colours for Pierre Hardy Cube Print Clutch. The boys wear them wear... love it! This red cube print version is fabulous...
Below: The neon orange leather accent is perfect for Spring Summer 2013...

Pierre Hardy Spring Summer 2013 Cube Print Clutches

An enduring classic in a world of fleeting trends... Pierre Hardy’s cube print clutch has steadily surfaced from the style radar and stayed its own ground as choice accessory for guys! I have seen so many pics of fashion week attendees carrying this cube print clutch... male and female alike.

For Spring Summer 2013, look out for a burst of eye popping colours... from red cube print to neon orange leather accents to make you relevant for the season. Love these handy ‘keep everything’ pouches... use them anywhere you go! I got mine a few seasons back and still love them:-)

Retails for £120.83 (excl. UK VAT) at Mr Porter (Click here to purchase)

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Source: Mr Porter, Monsieur Jerome, Tommy Ton

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