Thursday, 2 May 2013

Blackbarrett Spring Summer 2013 Owl Print

Below: No longer are the mammals, such as dogs, big cats or primates getting all the fashion attention, now the birds join in the animal frenzy too! I am loving Blackbarrett's Spring Summer 2013 Owl prints...
 Below: I love those menacing Owl eyes, commanding attention for the bold fashion fan...
Animal Frenzy: Blackbarrett Spring Summer 2013 Owl Print

Dogs (Givenchy’s Rottweiler and Doberman), big cats (Kenzo’s Tiger) and primates (Christopher Kane’s Baboon, Andrea Pompilio’s Chimpanzee) are just some of the animals that have taken the fashion spotlight lately. Prints with animal face, be it on clothing, accessories or bags... got quickly snapped up by fans. It seems ‘animal face’ prints are a tried and tested strategy to create fashion impact and ultimately translate to sales for brands who adopt them. It is no wonder many designers are following suit.

The mammals have had their fair share of fashion stardom, now the birds are garnering for a piece of the attention too. The latest to join the ‘fashion’ animals frenzy is none other than Blackbarrett’s Owl Print. Blackbarrett is the second and more affordable line from talented designer, Neil Barrett. We all know how pricey his mainline is, so it is great news to now have a more accessible collection to buy into Neil’s superb menswear cuts and details. Previously only available in Japan, this Spring Summer 2013 season, the Blackbarrett line has undergone a refresh with a new design team and distributing channels. Now more fans can have access to this amazing collection. Thanks to Club 21!

I love the textures and colours of Blackbarrett’s interesting owl print on the shirts and tees. The menacing eyes of the owl catches your attention while the feather textures add interesting visual contrast. Definitely a unique print that will be a match for those Rottweiler and chimpanzees! The owl print pieces retails from SGD210... which is super affordable!

(In Singapore, Blackbarrett menswear boutique is located at Paragon Shopping Mall)

Source: Blackbarrett

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