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Brooks Brothers: The Great Gatsby Collection

Below: I love the spectacular 2013 retelling of 'The Great Gatsby'. So impressed by the art direction and especially the outfits in the movie. Want to dress like Leonard Dicaprio? Now you can:-)  Brooks Brothers has created a collection 'The Great Gatsby Collection' for sale with menswear pieces based on the designs we see in the movie... 
 Below: Tobey Maguire looked great with the green shawl collared cardigan in the movie... now you can too with just a mouse click  and US$148 away...
 Dress Like Leonardo And Tobey: Brooks Brothers 'The Great Gatsby Collection'

Movies and fashion have always been inseparable. Both are build on aspirations and visions of the directors and designers to give the audience a dream to aspire to. After watching the spectacular on screen retelling of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ by Baz Luhrmann, I was wowed. Not only by the decadent recreation of the 1920’s American Dream but also by the immaculately dressed gentlemen of that era.

The women in the movie may have Miuccia Prada to thank for those intricate and richly detailed flapper dresses and more...  or Tiffany & Co. for the lavish diamond jewellery... the boys however can count on Brooks Brothers to smarten them up, like the gentlemen of yesteryear.

It used to be a distant dream to want to dress the part during previous movie incarnations of the classic novel... but for this 2013 remake, you can dress like Leonardo or Tobey Maguire with just an instant mouse click. Yes, Brooks Brothers has created a special collection of menswear ‘The Great Gatsby Collection’ based on the designs we see in the movie. All the pieces are available for sale online on their website.

I was won over instantly by Leonard Dicaprio’s ivory linen suit (Jacket at US$698) when he reconnected with Carey Mulligan’s ‘Daisy Buchanan’ character. I already imagined being wed in that outfit:-P
And when Tobey Maguire appeared in a handsome knitted green shawl collared cardigan (US$148), my heart was set aflutter yet again. Gorgeous classics remade with modern day relevance. A well heeled guy could wear these any day (of course, wearing it to Long Island, New York will be most appropriate).

Other noteworthy pieces from the collection includes the ‘The Great Gatsby Collection Burgundy Stripe Regatta Blazer (US$798)’ and my favourite... ‘The Great Gatsby Collection Tipped Blazer (US$798)’. There are also plenty of accessories from shoes to ties which looked equally amazing.

Living the opulent, excessive lifestyle of the super rich (as in the movie) may be unrealistic, but the collection allows everyone to at least indulge and rekindle the love of classic menswear from those past glorious days.

Below: Beautiful classic pieces reinterpreted with modern elegance... Love the stripe Regatta Blazer in Burgundy... as does the Navy Tipped Blazer...

Source: Brooks Brothers, Celeb Buzz

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