Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rimowa Luggage At Mr Porter

Below: Rimowa luggage is now stocked at Mr Porter! Hurray!
New At Mr Porter: Rimowa Luggage

 If anyone has experienced the joys and ease of using Rimowa luggage... you will have to agree with me they are the best of its kind for travelling. I own a cabin size Rimowa Salsa Air and they have given me so much convenience at airports and transfers anywhere... In addition to the ultra light weight of 1.9kgs (so you can pack more within the cabin luggage allowance), super tough polycarbonate construction, it also comes with the most responsive multi-direction wheeling system to move thru any surface effortlessly, I now swear by Rimowa whenever I travel.

Unfortunately, Singapore's Rimowa luggage prices or for that matter in Asia (except Taiwan)... are heavily marked up. So it is with great joy when I found out today that my favourite online retailer, Mr Porter (for all things for the savvy gentlemen) are now adding Rimowa luggage to their ever expanding shopping inventory! With European pricing, these luggage can now be enjoyed by everyone at a fantastic price:-)

I highly recommend the Salsa Air if you are a cabin luggage fan... but the iconic ridged aluminium Topas Multiwheel offers durability and functionality when it comes to checked-in luggage. Click here to check out Mr Porter's Rimowa selections. Prices start from £303 for Salsa Air and £526 for Topas Multiwheel.

Below: Rimowa Salsa Air... unbeatable lightweight for cabin size luggage. I have this one and it is such a joy to use when travelling! I can pack more and move with ease from airports to hotels...Love it:-)
Below: Multiwheel Topas ridged aluminium suitcase provides all the room and protection for your travels... I want the 68cm size for my next long haul holiday!

Source: Mr Porter

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