Saturday, 8 June 2013

Loewe Amazona 24H Bag

Below: Loewe Amazona 24H Bag is my newest bag obsession. Handy in size with luxurious materials and details while remaining remarkably light weight...
Luxurious Classic: Loewe Amazona 24H Bag

’s Amazona bags belong to the revered group of iconic arm companions that define the brand that created them. Just as Hermès is known for their birkins, Louis Vuitton for their Speedy and Céline for their luggage totes, the Spanish luxury label can proudly count Amazona bags as their pièce de résistance in the competitive world of luxury bags. Crafted with Spanish craftsmanship and exquisite materials, the Amazona bags have transcended trends and remain a popular classic coveted by many bag fans.

Last weekend, I discovered the Loewe Amazona 24H Bag (an intermediate size between the women’s handbag and weekender) which have set me obsessing ever since. It was a love at first sight. Measuring a handy 44cm width, this 24H version, as the name suggests, pack enough to last a weekend getaway, yet handy to use for day-to day commuting. The subtle branding complimented with sparing amounts of hardware (love the lock and double zipper pulls) makes the Amazona 24H Bag handsome and timeless.

Right now, my heart is in love with the full leather version (comes in Black, Ox Blood and Ocean colour) but if you are a fan of suede, go for the signature colour ways of Gold suede and Brown combination. This one has a leather interior that makes the bag extra luxurious. Alternatively, go for a customised version that lets you decide your preferred colour for the exterior, lining and hardware. Today, I tried on a customised navy coloured version with gold hardware and leather lining. It was the most gorgeous thing I have seen recently which strengthened my resolve to get my own! Whatever the combination, the Amazona 24H bag remains remarkably light-weight despite its full leather construction.

Retails for Euro1800 or SGD3190. (Customised versions cost approx. SGD500 more).

Below: The Loewe Amazona 24H Bag comes in gold suede and brown leather too. The gold hardware just brings the bag to a new luxe level...

Source: Loewe

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