Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Kenzo x Vans Fall Winter 2013 Collection

Below: The highly anticipated Fall Winter 2013 Kenzo x Vans Sneakers are here. Who wants these 'Lightning Bolt' print in blue and orange? Me...me... me!

Statement Shoes: Kenzo x Vans Fall Winter 2013 Collection

Oh no, Kenzo x Vans Fall Winter 2013 collection is now available for purchase! Time to spend some $$$ again and get these highly popular and coveted shoes. After a few seasons of buying frenzy, Kenzo is back with brand new prints for Fall Winter 2013. The desire for printed statement shoes at affordable price levels is simply unstoppable, as proven by past seasons' sell out phenomenon. So I am sure this new collection will fly off the shelves in record time too.

‘Flying tigers’, ‘Lightning Bolt’ (I love the blue version!) and ‘Day Cloud’ print? I want them all. For this season, there’s even a high cut ‘Chukka Vans’ to choose from.  Hurry, grab them before they sell out!

(The Chukka Vans retails for 110 € while the regular Vans for 90 € at www.kenzo.com)

Below: For Fall Winter 2013, also expect 'Day Cloud' and 'Flying Tiger' prints which come in slip-ons and even high-cut Chukka Vans... 

Source: Kenzo

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