Thursday, 8 August 2013

Zara Fall Winter 2013 Camouflage Sneakers

Below: Been coveting Valentino's Rockrunner Camouflage Trainers but lacking the budget or heart to splurge? Zara to the rescue! Check out their take on the camouflage trainers, closely resembling the luxury ones but equally chic! Love them and the humble price tag of SGD159:-P
Below: It's as close as you can get to Valentino Rockrunners without the huge price tag. The panelling designs and rear red suede detail has a strong resemblance to Valentino's...
 Below: One of the best shoes for Spring Summer 2013... Valentino Camouflage Rockrunner sneakers. But the hefty price tag (USD795 or SGD1000) may deter some fashion fans from getting them...
Accessible Camouflage Chic: Zara Fall Winter 2013 Mens Camouflage Sneakers 

No, you are not seeing a new variant of the famed Valentino Rockrunner sneakers... Although the camouflage panelling and red suede heel detail remind you of them. Zara has once again come to the rescue for fashion fans with a smaller budget but wants an equally huge amount of fashion power. These Fall Winter 2013 Zara Camouflage Trainers priced at a humble SGD159 (as opposed to Valentino's hefty SGD1000), are the closest you can get to those coveted Valentino versions. I love the colours and shape regardless of their similarity. Having a smaller budget does not mean you have to sacrifice in style. So go grab these hot camo beauties... I love them!
Source: Zara, Valentino