Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Gucci Pre-Fall 2014 Bright Diamante Leather Goods Collection For Men

Below: This Pre-fall 2014, Gucci invites you to the colourful world of their latest Bright Diamante Leather Goods Collection... Love the bright hues in their classic diamante pattern, in an array of useful leather goods designs... Love the duffel bag in red!
Below: Choose from a wide range of leather goods and even travel trolley bags... ensuring happy hues are around you all the time:-)

Gucci Pre-Fall 2014 Bright Diamante Leather Goods Collection For Men

Gucci is ready to invite you to their colourful world of Prefall 2014 Bright Diamante Leather Goods Collection. Yes, for all colour fans, the classic diamante now comes in bright cheerful hues of Bumblebee yellow, fuchsia, deep cobalt, red, turquoise, and white. For the boys, choose the blue versions that captures the spirit of colours while not being too overwhelming... if you are those who wants a more subdued style. But I’d say, go all the way when it comes to colours... Red or yellow will be for me!

I love the range of leather goods these new super happy hues are introduced to... from handy messenger bags (From €990) to travel friendly duffel bags (€1690) and pouches (€430) to amazing sneakers (€495), driving shoes (€345), belts (€260) and bi-fold wallets (€240). The selection will cover all aspect of your lifestyle to ensure happy colours are around you all the time.

Watch the very quirky and fun video featuring Clément Cherbernaud and other eye pleasing models... all flaunting the colourful collection and being highly entertaining.

Check out the collection in store or online now!

Source: Gucci

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