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Mulberry Marty Backpack

Below: A smart and refined backpack... the Mulberry Marty Backpack melds outdoor adventure spirit with a refined aesthetic for a backpack that works both casual and formal! Love this one in midnight leather and nylon... such a handsome colour with an understated appeal!

 Below: A more compact size, the Marty Small Backpack comes in classic shades of oak and black... love the mountain climbing style rope drawstring detail which adds colour and design to the discreet design

Mulberry Marty Backpack

If you are like me, in an endless pursuit of the perfect backpack... then here’s an option that might get you excited. I love a backpack, but I want mine to be more smart and less street. Sort of like an adult backpack that you can use confidently for work and yet versatile and durable enough for play. Backpacks have been rampant with many brands seeing how the style has taken off in leaps and bounds with fashion fans. We boys love our backpacks!

So it is no surprise even a traditionally refined luxury brand the likes of Mulberry are doing their take. Mulberry have fallen out of fashion’s favour lately... but let’s not forget this British leather goods maker still creates exceptionally beautiful products that transcend trends. I love their classic oak coloured leather, and their discreet and refined styling. So when it comes to their backpacks, you can expect these aesthetics.

Check out the new Mulberry Marty Backpack. I love the simple styling using beautiful grained leather which gives some structure and yet soft and supple to the touch. Not to mention, they aged well and will stand the rigours of daily use. The Marty backpack takes on a ‘outdoor adventure’ styling but through the use of quality materials, makes them suited for both casual and formal. The use of a snap hook closure and mountain climbing rope as drawstring all adds to a masculine, interesting design. These are the details that make a difference. The Marty backpack in midnight leather and nylon (£595), with 2 front pockets for extra storage is love at first sight! It also come in a full leather black version (£995) but I’d  picked this nylon/leather combo for it’s lighter weight and contrast of materials. I have a feeling Marty and I will be best buds if I ever acquire one myself! Love the handsome navy colour.

For a more compact version, choose the Small Marty backpack (£795) which comes in appealing shades of oak and black. Besides the size difference, the small Marty spots a sleeker appearance sans the 2 front pockets. All in all, the Mulberry Marty gets a thumbs up. Another option to possibly end your quest for the perfect backpack:-P

(The Marty Backpack measures 42cm(h) x 35cm(w) x 14cm(d) while the more compact Small Marty Backpack is 35cm(h) x 29cm(w) x 11cm(d))

Below: Beautiful grained calfskin leather and that drawstring detail... 

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Source: Mulberry

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