Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Runway Sniper #01

I am starting another new category, called 'The Runway Sniper'...since I am like a 'sniper', aiming at fabulous collections and 'sniping' out all the things I find interesting and worthy of making it into my blog:-)

Here's the first:

D&G Fall Winter 2008/2009 Man Bags

I am getting a revival of interest in D&G bags. I see an improvement in their designs of bags and accessories range. And this spring season, some of the bags and accessories has risen from 'tacky-dom' (the kingdom of all things tacky) and are worthy of burning holes in consumer pockets. (BTW, point to note, the Dolce Gabbana men's bags from their mainline has yet to improve at all. Their DG monograms is one of the worst looking and I wonder what is their fascination with that. Strange that their second line offer better choices.)

Fall Winter 2008 for men sees the continuing trend. The bags are lovely. Masculine, interesting details such as brass push lock buckles, patchwork leather and alternating lengths of leather pocket straps. I love the rich brown colour and washed leather, perfect for fall and even everyday use. The 1st bag is my favourite with the push lock buckle:-)

Can't wait for the bags to arrive in the stores later this year.

And plaids are the big trend this coming fall winter season.


bagcraze said...

ooooh they're beautiful!!! lately i've been tempted to buy men's bags LOL

Kevin said...

why not? these days designers create bags that look 'genderless'. I dun mind toting a chanel or stella mcCartney if I can pull off the bag without looking girly!:-P I am sure you can do that with some man bags:-P

yes, DnG man bags are seeing some hope....:-P

bagcraze said...

ha ha ha yes... i got my only man's bag which is a LV utah messenger and love it! it's a great bag and since then i've been obsessed to find more great man's bags :)

Kevin said... are one cool gal!:-) way to go! I am sure you will find more 'handsome' man bags in time to come.:-P Marni has a lot of very quirky man bags and some works for women as well.:-) We are the opposites. I am always on the lookout for gender bending women's bags, cos' I feel it will be more exclusive and takes a lot of guts and flair to make it my guy style.:-P If I spot any good bags, will let you know!