Saturday, 16 February 2008

Chanel Choco Phone

Chanel Choco Phone

Following the footsteps of Dolce Gabbana (for motorola), CK Calvin Klein (Samsung), Prada (LG) and Giorgio Armani, another luxury fashion house is coming up with their own version of fashion phones. And to my's Chanel! Not really a guy's fashion brand, but I am intrigued by the futuristic design of the phone (by Fred De Garilhe). Not looking like your conventional mobile device, it spots a reflective metal surface and has micro lighter fibers (wonder what that is) that provide illumination when you open the phone. I will not say it will be a brilliant piece of gadgetry, since most of these fashion phones are high on appearance but low on funtionality. Furthurmore, this phone although has an innovative slider design (I think) but I question the user friendliness. The phone seems so difficult to get a grip. Have to see the real thing to have a final judgement.


MyNameIsFaz said...

Please DO NOT buy this phone my friend! Chanel sure does not know how to design a phone. it may look novelty cool but swear to God it will break into pieces!

Kevin said...

hahaha...I dun think I will ever get this phone. I am waiting for iphone. that is a slick and user friendly phone!

giancinephile said...

Just don't flip it, people would easily mistake it for a compact! haha

Definitely less of a fone or perhaps overstyled?