Sunday, 24 February 2008

My Bag Collection #16

Bottega Veneta 'Stitched' Details Canvas Bag (SOLD)

Another Bottega Veneta possession:-) which I am very proud of. Singapore Bottega Veneta boutiques do not stock the canvas range, until recently...a small selection. So while I was on holiday in Paris, I took the opportunity to try to get something from the stores there. This is what I end up with on my very happy day of french shopping:-) I remembered I was looking very sharp with my very fitted Marni Jacket, Dolce Gabbana Jeans and Miu Miu leather brogues, (whose sole disintegrates after prolong safe keeping:-( apparently it did not survived paris) and trot down Rue Saint Honore, one of the shopping districts of high end stores.

At the 2 storey boutique, I was impressed by the wide selection, have never seen such a complete selection. Of course I was really careful when I ask to check out the bags in the store. No intrecciato weave bags, that's way out of my budget. Even the leather ones are also over the top in price. Fortunately, I spotted this beautiful BIG canvas bag on the lower shelf. I was expecting it to be ridiculously priced, but to my pleasant surprise, it costs a mere Euro $780. With tax refund, I would pay an even lower price. The canvas is of an exceptional quality, in a classy olive green colour. There were leather trimmings over the zipper top, and pockets (At first, I thought they were croc leather. But's some aged effect on the leather). Everything was in perfect combination. Metal studs on the base protects the bag as well.

If I were to buy it at the boutiques in Singapore, I will pay SGD $2050, as reflected on their website. It is ridiculous to pay so much more. So now I am a happy man.

Retail price: Euro $780. Where to buy: Bottega Veneta Boutique at Rue Saint Honore, Paris

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