Sunday, 24 February 2008

My Shoe Collection #11

Bottega Veneta Crocodile Sandals

This was my first piece of exotic leather, albeit the piece of crocodile leather used was minimal. I got this pair of sandals when Club 21 Mens still stocks a small selection of Bottega Veneta. With the opening of the store in store in Takashimaya, Club 21 Men no longer have this amazing brand under their portfolio. Beautifully handcrafted, with a die-cut of the crocodile design on the sole, it's understated luxury.

However, to my disappointment the sandal does not live up to its beauty when it comes to comfort level of wearing. I had blisters for the two attempts I worn these sandals. Now I am too skeptical and afraid to wear these as it is a torture to end up hurting your feet. The crocodile leather is too hard and stiff and it causes abrasion where it contacts your feet.

Still, a gorgeous pair of sandals by an amazing brand.

Retail price: US$420. Where to buy:


deluxeduck said...

i've just stumbled upon your blog while googling for this particular sandal. and its a shame these sandals hurt. but they do look amazing. i've been wanting and searching for one for a while now. i might have to rethink now.

Kevin said...

Yeah, it hurts. Unless you are willing to suffer some blisters for a couple of wears so as to season the leather. I might just do that. I will get ready some plasters.:-P

Why dun you get another design? There is a python version which is much more comfortable. Check out the Bottega website for the design. And I have the lizard version (will post that soon) which is soft and will probably not cause blisters.

deluxeduck said...

i think the croc looks best. i like how the scales stick out. my problem is that we don't have and BV boutique here in Australia to try them on for myself.

Kevin said...

Yes, the croc version looks great. But to be honest, if you have not bought this sandals, I will not recommend you to get this as shoes that hurt your feet means you will be unlikely to wear them often. So in the end, it is as good as not having them.

Try other pairs of Bottega Sandals. They have so many good looking ones:-) I am sure you will find something you like.

uclaboi said...

I also have this EXACT pair, and I have the EXACT problem as you, Kev. The first time I worn them, my skin came off from rubbing against the croc skin. But they are very good-looking.

Kevin said...

I am going to condemn this pair of sandals to the 'pits of no daylight', in living shoe hell! I gave this pair of sandals one last chance and wore it today for shopping and haircut. I ended up with many blisters that cut short my day in town. Darn! I dun think I will ever wear this pair of awful sandals again. So painful!