Saturday, 8 March 2008

My Shoe Collection #15

Jil Sander Grey Patent Leather Sandals

Yet another shoe purchase I made for this spring summer 2008 season! And again, key runway item for Jil Sander as well:-) I am not a huge fan of Jil Sander and especially after buying a big expensive 'white elephant' (A copper metallic Jil Sander bag from Paris, another story for another day), I was skeptical about the brand. But when I lay eyes on this pair of patent leather sandals in grey, it leaves a deep impression on me that I cannot get out of my head. I made a return back to store, braving heavy rain and almost risk ruining my Gucci thong sandals just to get this pair of shoe:-P It better be worth my trouble and it does. I adore the sandals.

The diecut design on the simple piece of leather is very unique and clever. Makes it look strappy and sort of a modern take on gladiator style. I love it. Will go well with shorts, pants or suits as seen in the runway looks. Recently I also figured out a way to achieve the Jil Sander look at a fraction of the price. That is to get pieces from ck Calvin Klein (which is way more affordable) as they share a certain similar aesthetics in their design approach. Minimalist modern style.

This pair of sandals features no hardware and a small elastic band fasten the shoe comfortably to your heel. The patent leather is chic and adds some shine to your outfit. Comes in a variety of colours from deep red, white to dark navy blue. Club 21 men store only carry the grey version.

Retail price: SGD $699. Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel


shoe-holic said...

Almost plonked money for this pair of sandal myself. But after serious thoughts, decided against it as the beige in-soles are wickedly prone to black-markings, otherwise I call it foot-shadow ;-). Or it could be simply just that my feet are dirty ... ha

Anyway I parted it and made my way to Prada. Got myself the new S/S 08 Open-toe sneaker/sandals. The rest is history, leaving me with a not too distant hemorrhaging credit card bill.

Kevin said...

Same here, the perils of being on a shopping expedition. I better stop buying anymore to prevent permanent damage to my bank account. I have spend too much money shopping this season and I thought I only allow my self 20% of my monthly salary for clothes and stuff.

The Jil Sander sandals is great! A bit modern gladiator strappy style. The beige sole should not be a problem. Unless you have sweaty feet:-) Then again, you made a good buy from Prada!

Name's Kevin. What's yours? Nice to meet you here on my blog! hope you find it interesting enough to keep coming back.:-)

shoe-holic said...

Name is Jay. I've been following your blog quite some time already. A referral from Bagaholic Boy. In fact, I drop by at least once a day. ;-) good blog. keep up the good work.

Kevin said...

Nice to meet you Jay! Thanks for the words of encouragement:-) Finally I can put some of that shopping to good use. As a way to improve my written english and document my bags and shoes so I will not forget about them.:-)

I love bagaholic boy's website. I was inspired by him to create this blog.

I was never sure that there were lots of bags and shoe fans in Singapore! Now I know!

hairi said...

HI KEVIN , do you know where i can get this pair of sandals.i have been looking for the sales,but they don have it.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

These are sold out in Singapore during the season before sale starts. Your best bet is to search online or evil bay:-) ebay lah.:-P

hairi said...

oh.....ok then...thanks,hey your"re going to Bangkok after Christmas is it.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Not sure yet. Still in planning.:-)