Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Material Boy #37

Balenciaga Yellow Nylon Backpack with White Leather Trim

Seems spring summer 2008 is a season for the return of backpacks. Leading the trend are Raf Simons and of course my favourite Balenciaga. I will not say this is the bag for me, cos I am way past the 'school days student' look and I dun like carrying a bag on both shoulders. Makes me feel like a 'Ninja Turtle'. Anyways, if backpack is your game, then Balenciaga is the name. Brilliant yellow colour to add a dash of attention grabbing x-factor to your outfit ensemble!

Retail price: ¥176,400. Where to buy: Balenciaga Boutiques


shoe-holic said...

I wonder if this bag is going to reach our shores. Still quite undecided myself too.Have to see it for myself first-hand in order to decide between a backpack and a carryall. Need one for the gym. My age is telling me to lay off the backpack but who can resist the balenciaga appeal? And it's yellow. Very perky. ;-)

Kevin said...

I am afraid the backpack is not one of the items the buyer has selected for the store. I saw a very nice backpack at DKNY today. A military green with brown leather trimings and details and multi pockets. The tag says it is meant for ladies, but I tried it, works better for guys! at SGD $499, I think it is a good deal. One drawback is the shoulder strap. A bit thin, so I am afraid it is not meant for a lot of weight. But a laptop and gym gear should still be good.

I will get it if suddenly I have some extra spare cash. Will be perfect for going to Indonesia this May.Like Indiana Jones.:-P

shoe-holic said...

Dang ... I don't even have the option to reject that bag. How sad is that?

Kevin said...

Hi jay,

enquire from John, the club 21 mens buyer if he can help to get the backpack in for you if you are interested:-) But they placed their orders like 8 months ago so I dunno if that will e possible.

yeah, such a pity eh? Would make a good sale purchase. hahaha