Sunday, 16 March 2008

The Material Boy #39

Tom Ford Men's Bags

Tom Ford, the ex creative director for the house of Gucci is back with a 'vengeance'! Not only is his line of menswear been advertised in magazines all over(oh, very suggestive imagery, must see!), but his merchandise distribution has been gradually made more accessible.

Yes, Tom Ford may be the one who revived Gucci from its previous incumbent status and propel it to the glamour it is today, but that is never an excuse to charge exorbitant amounts of money for his very basic designs. Even if he is coming back to the fashion world with a 'vengeance'! Look at his bags, it's so basic, it's boring. What really 'excites' me is the price! Cos, it got my jaws dropping.

This is even more expensive than Bottega Veneta. At least Bottega Veneta's intrecciato weave is a painstaking manual process which requires lots of time and skill to produce. But Tom Ford's leather pieces are just plain leather. Not even exotics. I rather put that amount of money into a Bottega Veneta Cabat tote, which is a timeless classic and much worth the price.

Okay, maybe I am getting prejudiced, without seeing the bag for myself. There could be some hidden intricate detail I may have not seen. But first impressions count. So I leave it to you guys to decide if this is worth the price. For the ultra rich:-P maybe that is who he is aiming for.

Retail price: 1) Duffle Bag - Euro $3600 , 2) Tote/Soft Briefcase - Euro $4630
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bagcraze said...

OMG!!! it's soo darn expensive LOL

the Swede said...

It is a bit expensive. I have never seen any of his things in reality though.

You said the Bally suede bag was reasonable, at 2059 SGD.
How much do you think is reasonable to spend on a bag like that Ford bag?

Kevin said...

Hi Bagcraze, (BTW, what's your name? Can I find out so I dun have to address you by your blog name?:-) will be nicer. You know me as Kevin already.:-))

Nice to hear from you. Yeah, the Tom Ford bags are crazy in prices. I will never pay that kind of price for these kinda plain looking bags.

Swede,(yes, your name as well? :-))

I will probably pay SGD $2000 at the most for the bag depending on size and craftsmanship. Since it is only all leather.

The bally bag is reasonable at over SGD$2000 as the stitch is very well done, materials is of good quality and detailing is well designed. Hence, a bag of this quality from other brands, like Gucci or prada will easily fetch over SGD$2500.

My 2 cents worth.:-P

Happy Monday guys and ladies!


Jens said...

Hi Kevin. I am "the Swede". Maybe from now I will change my identity to my name instead.

I guess what is good value is not fixed. I depends on quality of work, materials and other things. Even leather is not the same as leather, dont you think?
We dont seem to think Bottega Veneta is overpriced..

Kevin said...

Hi Jens,
nice to meet you! and I can address you by the name now:-) thank you.

yes, value is what you placed on an item. So if you think paying a certain amount of money for a bag is justifiable, go ahead:-) It's like art. You cannot put a price on art. :-)

I think bottega veneta is pricey but not overpriced to such extremes as the tom ford bags. there is a certain amount of intricate work and artisanal skills involved to create the bag and the quantity produced is very limited. Hence, you know lots of time and effort has been spent, so that makes you feel your money is buying something more valuable than the material used for the bag. Having said that, I will never pay SGD $10000 for a bag. It's too extravagant. :-)

Jens said...

Hi Kevin,
Do you know about Pauric Sweeney bags? I just saw one in reality. It was a black snakeskin bag. The shape is a bit masculine. I dont know if that relates so much to the price discussion, but I guess it does, because it costs an equivalent to 3750 SGD, and I think it's worth it. The Pauric Sweeney bags really has "something extra". I am not sure why, but they feel glamorous.
It is fascinating, how some bags seem to have a "special touch". That is worth paying for I think.

Kevin said...

Hi jens,

Yes, have heard of Pauric Sweeney. I saw his bags featured on www.purseblog, I think the bags are womens but some designs can work for a man. Provided the size is big enough. I have not touched an actual Pauric Sweeney bag, but I have seen it on sale here at 'On Peddler', the multi label accessories store. I vaguely remembered a Metallic python skin version I seen online at

Yeah, sometimes, you just know it when you see a bag. It shouts luxury to you and tempts you to take it home.:-) Then, you truly will pay whatever price to redeem the bag from the shop. hahaha.:-)

Bags are an accessory, wear it with confidence and it enhances you. So women or man's bags, if it fits, it works! Python skin is exotics. SGD 3750 is not unreasonable for snake skin.:-)