Sunday, 16 March 2008

My Shoe Collection #17

Pierre Hardy Open Toe Chukka Boots

I cannot find Balenciaga open toe boots anywhere online and have no way of buying the boots unless I travel to Europe. So I have to settle for something similar. I have already 'invested' quite a substantial amount of $ on the 2 Balenciaga pants, so I had to go all the way with the shoes to get the look. After contemplating for a long while, I finally convinced myself that these open toe Pierre Hardy Chukka Boots will stand in well as a substitute:-)

By the time I head down to Club 21 Men's store to buy these boots, they were sold out on all sizes except size 43. Fortunately, I managed to find them online at And after a week of consideration again, I 'emerge' triumphant in my struggles to buy this pair of shoe and got it yesterday via the online site.

Have tried these before in Club 21 Men, I do like them but I was hoping to get the Balenciaga version, so I put them off my mind. Seems fate has it that I should own them. Will post more pics when I received the shoes.

(Oh my, come to think of it, I sort of bought 3 pairs of shoes in one weekend! Help! I am obsessed!)

I finally recieved the Pierre Hardy Shoes I ordered from www.luisaviaroma. The cut of the shoe leans towards the slim side. So depending on your feet, I would recommend getting a size bigger than what you usually wear. It is fortunate that I still managed to fit in the shoe. These open toe chukka boots lack shelf appeal but when you put it on, it actually looks pretty cool:-P I am pleased with my purchase.

Retail price: Euro $225 (SGD $569 at Club 21 Men). Where to buy:


shoe-holic said...

I saw this pair at C21 too. Erm... no where near the pair from balenciaga if you really want to pair it with your new pants to get that look. That prada open-toe sneaker sandal will probably do a better job coordinating with your pants. My 2 cents. Can you do a refund to get store credits with C21 Men?

Kevin said...

Oh I got this pair of boots online:-) had to pay more becos of the expensive shipping and I get discount at Club 21.:-(

Yeah, will have the prada version as a backup. As for this pair, I think it should work. It's a bit of a classic style turned funky. and Pierre Hardy is designing Balenciaga footwear as well. :-)

I will let you know if the boots work for me!

shoe-holic said...

Yea you're right. Alot of times ppl's perception are very different. Most important thing is that you're comfortable with the style. Pierre Hardy designing footwear for Balenciaga? Hmm that's new. On that note, I still have not broken in my Balenciaga F/W 2007 patent leather lace-ups yet. ;-) too gorgeous to be worn.

Kevin said...

I think this shoe has little shelf appeal becos of the soft leather. It looks pretty sloppy. I was not attracted to it when I saw it on the shelves.But when you put it on, it changes your perception:-P Pretty unique in the design. I intend to change the shoe laces to that from sneakers, which is flat and thicker(I think FW 07 laceups from Balenciaga has sneaker laces eh?). I think that will sort of spice up the look:-) I love customising! I even thought of punching more holes for the laces!:-P

And yes, Pierre Hardy designs for Balenciaga! and He does Hermes footwear before.

As for your Balenciaga patent leather lace-ups from FW2007, any pics to share? I know that feeling...when the shoe is so pristine and nice unworn, you cannot bear to take them out for a spin on the streets. hehe. I have a pair of Dries Van Noten Metallic Silver lace-ups that I have not broken them in yet. Too nice to wear lah! hahaha.

shoe-holic said...

Well, they can be found on the balenciaga website. I have the URL

It's the second pair just before the high cut leather sneakers.

Kevin said...

Oh that is beautiful, I was just checking the Balenciaga site as well:-) simple and very elegant! Love the flat laces and eyelets for the laces! Good buy! Did you get it at Club 21 mens? I miss out on buying the balenciaga Gladiator sandals from SS07. That was lovely. Missed opportunity!

shoe-holic said...

Actually there is another detail that attracted me to this pair of shoes. I have not seen any other shoe with that detail yet. This is the first. If you notice, this whole shoe is made from a single piece of leather. There are no stitches whatsoever except probably for the welt stiches to the sole. Yes I got it at Club 21 men.

Kevin said...

That's brilliant! Sometimes the least details you have, it will take more skill and concept to make it work:-) and I have to admit, it is a nice pair of shoe. Wear it on special occasions. It's a waste not to show it off:-) hehe.

I think I saw a pair of CK Calvin Klein navy lace-ups with wooden sole, which shares the same design aesthetics. Using one piece of leather with minimal stitching.

Dun you love shoes? hahaha

shoe-holic said...

I think I saw it at Paragon today. It's nice but it just doesn't ooze oomph. There is just something about italian made shoes la. And CK shoes ain't made in italy the last i checked. Call me a shoe snob if you want ;-) And it's navy blue, I don't think I can pull that off.

Kevin said...

Oh that pair of CK Calvin klein shoe is made in italy, hence the hefty price tag. But I will not pay $699 for ck shoes even if it is made in italy. It's not exclusive enough to warrant that kinda price. You can never compare ck with Balenciaga Balenciaga is pure luxury:-) I will wait for sale to get ck shoes. I am sometimes that cheapskate. Almost got the white strappy sandals, but on second thought, not worth spending almost Jil Sander price for CK shoes.

shoe-holic said...

Yea my exact sentiments. CK <->American <-> GAP implies GAP = CK.

Kevin said...

Well, CK offers an affordable line to buy the basics. And their designs is improving:-) check out their runway video on club 21's website. Some looks are pretty cool. But their size tends to go bigger, I had to alter my v neck tee a lot to get it to fit. As for the shoes, it's too pricey for a second line. I will wait for sale to get the white sandals.:-P

giancinephile said...

Wow! Lucky! Lucky!!!
Pierre Hardy is available in your city!

I still don't see even a little ray of light with it coming to my city.

Nice Pierre H. sandals! So avant-garde! ;)

Kevin said...

yes, cool shoes, I have not worn them yet! maybe this weekend! and it looks like the chloe's shoes for womens in the fall winter 2009 collection. hahaha.although I did not buy it for that reason. Just looks cool and very military boots look.

Anonymous said...

hi there, i am considering getting these pierre hardy chukka open-toe boots on luisa viaroma (especially since they are now on 50% !).

the problem though is that i am usually a EU 40 (US 7.5; US 7 for converses) but the only size they have left is EU 42 (US 8.5). how slim would these shoes be cut, because you mentioned getting them a size up?

super appreciate the advice. --chris

Kevin and myMANybags said...

I dun think 2 sizes up will be a good fit. One size will be perfect. you would not want too long for the sole part cos, these shoes are meant to fit. The ankle part will look awful if it is not tight enuff.

So I'd advise...dun get it if the shoe is not the right size. One size up will be great. Not 2.

your call.


Anonymous said...

thanks, i'll pass on them then. do keep up the excellent posts on your blog and i'll see ya around. :D

Kevin and myMANybags said...

You are most welcome. It's a risk to buy something 2 sizes from what you wear.

Thanks for your support!

Try to find these shoe selsewhere...I am sure they will surface somewhere...even in some shops!

Anonymous said...

hi kevin

i know this sounds weird but i have been searching for this pair of open toe chukka boots ... if you are willing to let go of it do let me know!!