Saturday, 15 March 2008

My Bag Collection #21

CK Calvin Klein Embossed Crocodile Leather Tote (SOLD)

Okay, suddenly I am in a CK Calvin Klein craze. So this will be another post about this label. :-P Here you go, my bag collection of a CK Calvin Klein embossed croc leather tote!

When I first lay eyes on this tote, I cannot believe CK Calvin Klein produces bags of this kinda of aesthetics. Exotic skin does not seem to be in their brand DNA even if it is just embossed textured leather. I was pleasantly surprised when I see this bag. And immediately, I was drawn to the bag and tried it on. The size was perfect, roomy and with several internal pockets so you dun have to go thru a 'bottomless pit' to find your things. There is a zipper pocket that can provide extra security for wallet or valuables. I also like the buckle design which is not the usual square or D-ring.

Initially I was skeptical with the embossed leather and the brand. I seem to have this strong impression that ck Calvin Klein was a cheap brother of Calvin Klein. The impression has gradually changed over the years with a significant design improvement. But at that point in time when I came to see this bag, I was unsure. I fear the embossed leather is looking too fake and cheap. I went back home to ponder the decision. Ultimately, I gave in to my inner urges to own the bag and went back the second day to buy it. And at a 20% discount as well as there was a promotion going on, which came as an added bonus!

The first time I tote this bag out for a 'test drive', it garnered a lot of attention, pleasant ones which made me love this bag more. People who saw it only had compliments for it. The embossed textured looked real enough to get people asking me if that was actual croc skin:-) All in all, the response was that the bag is very well designed and luxurious with the crocodile skin texture:-) I was happy I trusted my instincts back then and I made the right decision to purchase it a few years ago:-)

Now, when I use the bag, I customised it by hooking a DG waist chain to give it an added rock star chic!

Retail price: SGD $499. Where to buy: CK Calvin Klein Boutique at Ngee Ann City


bagcraze said...

wow kevin, this CK is really nice :)

Kevin said...

Glad you like the bag! The croc skin ain't that bad eh?:-) and it is a very user friendly bag, lots of pockets to throw things in:-P and best of all, good price!

Anonymous said...

will u sell me this croc bag?
i am dying just looking at it...97489584....was asking about the gucci tote too....please get in touch w name's kevin too..