Saturday, 15 March 2008

My Shopping Conquest #01

CK Calvin Klein Menswear

This will be another new section that I will be adding to this blog to highlight my shopping gains every now and then:-) Not to mix with shoes and bags, this section features all the other stuffs(clothes, accessories) I deem worthy of mentioning and sharing on this blog.

First on the list, ck Calvin Klein clothes I have recently acquired. ck Calvin Klein designs have improved tremendously over the past few seasons. Their designs and cuts are getting more exciting and the fabrication more varied. They have slowly emerged from the shadows of their first line counterparts and coming into their own as a label with their own aesthetics. I love the collection for both men and women's Spring Summer 2008. You can view the runway video at (choose 'Singapore', then 'trends'). Some very interesting looks are presented. Hence, the reason I went ahead to buy a few pieces of the menswear.

I got a pair of black nylon shorts and a grey v-neck tee. The black nylon shorts is made from nylon fabric from Japan and you can use them as bermudas and match it with sandals for a sophisticated casual summer look. As for the grey v-neck tee, I simply adore it! Reason being the fabric used is so special. It has a shimmery effect and glistens under the light. Perfect for an evening night out at the clubs or dinner, especially trendy when topped with a slim fitted jacket!

So do keep a lookout for ck Calvin Klein. They are now not only gorgeous but affordable as well.

Retail price:
1) Black Nylon Shorts - SGD $199

2) Grey V-neck Shimmer Tee - SGD $169

Where to buy: ck Calvin Klein Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall

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