Saturday, 22 March 2008

My Shoe Collection #18

Prada Sport White Leather And Silver Mesh Sneakers

I am not really a fan of very sports-inclined, functional looking sneakers. Brands like Nike, Reebox just shouts ugly. So for me to own a pair of sneakers, it has to have certain aesthetic value, being fashionable and yet functional.

Prada sport offers a synthesis of both functionality and design. This pair of white sneakers is good example. I am sure you can wear these while going to the gym, do some yachting or outdoor activities. But you can walk these beauties on the streets of orchard road or even the boulevards of Champs-Élysées and still make heads turn.:-P

These Prada sport sneakers are very similar to the 'Prada/Car Shoe' version that spins of this design ever since. Except the soles are now big rubber blocks instead of small rubber studs. There are also variations of the material and details. But generally, the shape stays the same.

Got this pair of white Prada Sport sneakers during sale time, so it was even more of a 'kick' to add this to my shoe collection.

Retail price: Approx. SGD $540. Where to buy: Prada Boutique at Paragon


shoe-holic said...

Nice. I like this pair they have in the shop recently. It's all-sliver with blue detailing. Very Terminator-esque.

Kevin said...

Oh, that sounds like a cool pair of shoe:-) Blue and silver is a good match. Will you get them?

Yeah, I like white sneakers. Easy to match. How was your weekend so far? did you break into your new open toe sandals?:-P

shoe-holic said...

Nope...not yet. Good thing I didnt cos it was raining most of the time. Weekend was exhausting. Was loitering around town eyeing for the next purchase.

Didn't go prada, but maybe next weekend to check out the space-age sneakers.

Kevin said...

Yeah, weather is just bad!:-) I will not wear good shoes these days, wet conditions are bad for shoes.

ahah...Shopping long weekend.Perhaps we should arrange to meet at prada next weekend? I will be getting the shoe finally:-P, either the right size or half a size bigger. hehe

shoe-holic said...

HaHa good for you. I may just bump into you there. Think I'll don mine this weekend.

Gosh I have a bad feeling about spending an obscene amount of money again this week. ;-(

Kevin said...

sure, will be nice to meet you at prada! and see how you look with your shoe!:-P

I will arrange a time with you.

have a good evening!


shoe-holic said...

8th Pair of Prada shoes and counting...

Got the 21st century metallic silver sneakers with mesh. Sleek..

Kevin said...

Congrats! another new addition to your prada shoe family!:-)

show me some pictures!:-)

I am able to get a size 7 for the open toe shoe from italy. Dunno when it will arrive, the store will inform me as soon as it reaches singapore shores. hurray! I hope it arrives fast. if not, the novelty will wear off...not so fun anymore!

We should arrange to meet up soon:-) did not go to prada store today. was shopping at Club 21. found nothing interesting. Not even a Dsquared2 tee. yikes. I tried the paul and joe white short. I feel shy. :-P

in the end, I am home, my wallet intact. Been good this sat:-P