Saturday, 31 May 2008

My Shoe Collection #28

Bally White Calf Leather High Tops with Red and White Canvas Stripe

Last week was a huge shopping spree for me at Bally. I am happy to announce my 'huge success' in my acquisition of more Bally collections for my wardrobe.:-P It was definitely a fruitful weekend with me bagging 2 pairs of shoes, a bag and a wallet from the Swiss label which I have fallen more and more in love with:-)

I have already posted the Espadrilles and Wallet on previous posts. Here's the other pair of shoe I acquired, the Bally White Calf Leather High Tops with Red and White stripe details. As I mentioned before, I have been searching for a pair of white high tops for a long time, I was waiting to get D&G's white high tops, but apparently, the boutique here did not bring in the model I wanted. So I had to find an alternative, and lucky me, cos' I love this pair of Bally White Leather High Tops even more! With Brian Atwood at the creative helm, Bally is seeing a new boost in the creative direction, with more modern and interesting designs that is already garnering new found interest in consumers.

I absolutely adore the detailings on this pair of high tops. The use of soft textured white leather juxtapose with off white suede, contrasted with a nice red and white signature Bally canvas stripe on the sides and tan coloured soles are an excellent mix! The suede and leather gives off a luxurious feel, while the canvas stripes and tan coloured soles adds an attractive colour scheme for the shoe. The shoe simply looks expensive and sophisticated! I also like the wrap around suede flap which is special and cool, a design feature as seen on Pierre Hardy shoes and I have loved it ever since I saw it.

Although, this pair of high tops have been getting my attention from previous shopping trips but I was not ready to commit to the purchase then as I wanted to wait for more options. It was a good thing I waited, cos' not only I am able to own this brilliant pair of shoe now, but I got it during the sale!

At 30% discount and an extra 10% off plus 6% rebate(in vouchers) for Takashimaya credit cardmembers, this shoe is a 'bargain' for the quality and craftsmanship.:-) After I try on the comfortable shoes, it furthur affirms my decision to buy them!

Retail price: SGD $765. Where to buy: Bally Boutique at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City


Leo said...

keep them coming!

shoe-holic said...

Nice shoes.
I was out roaming today but resisted the tempatation as I am holding out for the sale to begin for key brands. I.e PRADA.

Actually, I feel guilty as I am unusually drawn to a belt I recently saw at Gucci. I want want want that belt so badly. Almost bought it today but decided against it as the SA said it most likely will go on sale as it is a seasonal item ;-) Let's see if the belt and I are meant for each other. It looks fantastic with my shirt tucked into my Prada shorts. Very IVY league look except without the sweater slung over the shoulders. ha ha

Kevin said...

thank you Leo! it is readers like you that keeps me motivated to post more:-) Hope you have a great weekend :-)

And Jay, keep off the shopping for a while unless it is on sale:-) It will be within the next 2 weeks where major brands will start their sale!

which Gucci Belt are you aiming for? canvas or leather belt?:-)

Good luck on your wait!


shoe-holic said...

CAnnot tell you. Wait you snatch it away .hahahha's neither leather nor canvas. It's stretchable nylon-like material (like suspenders ha ha) with 2 interlocking horsebits as buckle.

00o00 said...

nice shoes!
is $700+ pre or post discount??

Kevin said...

Hi Jay,

hmmm....sounds like a great just spark off the 'snatch it away' thought...hahahaha:-P (evil grin*). Just kidding lah. I am not planning to buy any Gucci belts now. So you are safe.:-P

Hope it goes on sale and you get that! Ivy League trad look is so in now!

Kevin said...

Hi Joseph, good weekend to you!

The prices I list on my blog are original retail price. So after 30% discount, then 10% discount on top of the sale price (SGD$535.5) and still getting a 6% rebate as takashimaya reality I paid only $453.033:-P Quite a shave off the $765 price tag.:-P

00o00 said...

i think i know which gucci belt it is, similar to this?

i have that same belt hehe

Kevin said... and green web belt!:-P Nice!