Sunday, 22 June 2008

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #02

Trendspotting With 'The Sartorialist' In Milan

Yet another awe inspiring group of shots from the Sartorialist. With the Milan fashion week in full force this week, our style savvy Sartorialist is again working his magic lens and stylish judgement to bring us what the chic folks in Milan are wearing. Yet again, shorts is a huge thing for summer this year. Be it colourful, flowery, checkered, remember to pair it with a nice cardigan (Love it, Love it!) or a fitted blazer and top it off with some nice summer scarves.




fallapart said...

hi kevin,

i know you have the naviglio in the first edition but are you keen to get the Broadway in the 2nd edition? 2nd hand from me, real good offer :)

let me know,

Kevin said...

Hi Nathaniel,

if you look thru my blog, you will find out I own the broadway bag first edition as well. So I will have to pass up on your offer:-P thanks for the notice!:-)

Did you managed to get the Gucci Scarf or the YSL bracelet?

I am thinking of selling some bags as well.:-P

fallapart said...

haha, you have too many bags that i lost count! you recently posted about the naviglio so i had an impression.

i got the gucci scarf, and am loving how many ways you can use it! love it.

you should, i may get some from you :)

Kevin said...

Yeah, I have too many. I have posted 32 bags and I still have a pile waiting to be docuented.:-(...grr...I think I am 'bag crazy'!

I will sort out a list and see if I can sell:-P Will let u know.:-P

fallapart said...

sounds great, :)