Thursday, 24 July 2008

Ad Campaigns & Catalogues #09

Jil Sander Men's Accessories Fall Winter 2008/2009

At last, more and more of the luxury labels are putting up new pics of their fall winter collections online for viewing. The end of spring summer season and now the new items are starting to hit the stores.

Jil Sander just recently put up their new fall winter collection for viewing on their website, I have to admit, I am not thrilled with their offerings so far. The bags although in interesting shapes, looks cumbersome and not very user friendly. There are fabric and leather range to choose from. The leather feathers interesting patchwork detailing with diamond shape panelling. The canvas range features marble print designs (or they could be leather) or ribbed navy texture fabric. Somehow it lacks a certain appeal to me. Perhaps not my style of bag designs. But it may resonate well with some of you guys:-)

footwear is ultra thick and chunky soles. They looked really heavy and 'Ronald McDonald' shoes which I am also not impressed. The signature trend for Jil Sander and Raf Simons. Miu Miu mens did chunky shoes many seasons ago. But again, this is my opinion. Some of you may like this kind of design. The sneakers are pretty much standard designs we see everywhere...but there is a pair with blue croc skin trimmings on the heel that looks interesting. However, the Jil Sander logo could be smaller and more subtle. Jil Sander should be more understated and minimalist in their styles and looks.

I will have to see the clothes in person to give a better review. Maybe the fashion show will help.

For more designs, check out Jil Sanders website for more pictures.


Davine said...

You´re very right! The sneakers look more like Adiddas than anything else. However I never expect all that much from Jil Sander. The overall collections are just too... how to put it, stiff to really look wearable. Again however Jil Sander is a very succesful brand and is it for a reason. There are really nice items every now and then; I got very neet F/W trousers that are top notch quality and I kinda like the blue sneakers on those pics.

Anonymous said...

im loving the marble print.

thefashionisto said...

The top bag looks like some type of take out box. I love it.

Carlos said...

I'm very curious about the backpack. I find backpacks very comfortable and if it's a luxurious one, I love it.

Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures of the
Jil Sander´s bags from?
I also would like to download them...
Thank you!

Kevin said...

They are from the Jil Sander website.

Anonymous said...

I tried to download them too but don´t know how?
There is flash player installed and so i couldn´t get the pictures.
Can you show me how?
Thank you!