Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Material Boy #129

Hermès Jypsière Bag

I was browsing thru and, when my 'bag radar' first caught sight of this wonderful new Hermès Jypsière Bag. However, I had the impression that the bag was too handbag style and more suited for ladies than man. That was until I had a chance to browse thru the latest issue of the Japanese Magazine, LEON last evening at Kinokuniya Bookstore. In one of the pages, this men's magazine featured the Jypsière bag on a guy wearing a became love at first sight and the bag was not handbag looking at all. Amazingly classy on a guy's shoulders as does a women's.

The Herm
ès Jypsière Bag is fashioned after a hunting satchel and Jean Paul Gaultier (The man behind the creative reins at Hermes now) describes it as "a functional, nonchalant bag slung across the shoulder, combined with the iconic details of the Hermes bags". Oh wow...that description alone is enough to make me drool and lust already. Who can resist any bags with iconic Birkin bag detailings and buckle. This will definitely be the talking piece among friends when you use it. They will be green with envy.

The bag comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. But I dun see this bag being carried any other way except shoulder sling. I love the colours available in the range, especially olive clemence! That is one unique hue for such a luxurious bag. And very masculine indeed.

Retail price starts at US$6800, prepare to max out your credit card for this baby!

Source: sean-inc


Anonymous said...

i need a little more convinincing. how about a pic of that guy in the Japanese magazine?

SE@N said...

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog...
Jypsière is to die for...

Kevin said...

I did not buy that magazine deluxeduck...I bought another one, called HUGE...which is very fashion forward. But that was censored here so I was curious what nudity was featured in the I chose that...hahaha.

You are most welcome Sean. I enjoy reading your blog. Good content!

charmbuster said...

OMG I've been lusting after this bag ever since I saw it in BAZAAR magazine in grey! I've been a fan of the Birkin and this is just what I needed to come out! I'm in LOVE...!

Kevin said...

okay know I am long overdue for the reveal. Yikes. I was out till 330am I will try to take pics later:-)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.



Kevin said...

lovely bag eh, Charmbuster?

Me love Birkin!:-P