Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Material Boy #120

D&G Plaid Hi-Top Sneakers

I have to admit there has been a lack of inspiration and content for my blog lately. This coming fall winter 2008 season is not going down well with me. It seems all the brands are not coming up with designs that appealed to me as much as spring summer 2008. Maybe I love summer gear more than winter. At this point in time, I am seriously finding it hard to get excited by the fall looks.

However, thank the higher powers to be, here descended upon me this gorgeous pair of D&G plaid sneakers where everything comes right together and gets my shopping adrenalin pumping again. I absolutely love the style! It is like a converse shoe given a makeover. The clever use of plaid (which is the top trend for fall winter 2008/2009), mixed with leather and accented with really interesting buckle details. This shoe shouts utility chic! And will match well with winter velvets, wools and even jeans. Perfect and snuggly for the cold climate that is to come (maybe not true for Singapore unless we travel.)

Not sure what the price will be. But my eyes will be on the lookout for these to be in store.



charmbuster said...

now these chucks are hot! now i hafta have them no thanks to you!!! LOL

bagcraze said...

i LIKE it!! esp the 2 plain in the top...

Kevin said...

oh yes Diana! These shoes rock!:-P