Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Material Boy #119

Dsquared2 Zig Zag2 Sneakers

Dean and Dan loves to do trucker, lumberjack chic or of any ultra masculine references. This pair of chunky boot style sneakers definitely fits the bill for trucker style or any alpha male types. A recurring classic, sometimes done with gaudy colours and many times a hideous experiment gone awry. However, this season, they managed to get the colour combinations right and it ain't half as bad! I love the combo of browns, whites and gold. The contrast of different materials such as suede, patent leather and calf leather is also appealing. There is also added bling and glamour when accented with beautiful gold hardware.

One thing noteworthy, the shoe has a very streamlined shape and wears the feet up pretty high. That means your pants and jeans will fall very nicely over them. That is a strength for this shoe design which I like:-)

D2 will be unavailable in Singapore this season. So if you want a piece of D2, get them online!

Retail price: US $425. Where to buy:

1 comment:

charmbuster said...

i have a pair of these except they're in rainbow colours... other than that i kinda detest dsquared shoes!!! blechhhh =p