Sunday, 27 July 2008

My Bag Collection #35 (SOLD)

Gucci Dark Brown Guccissima Leather Tote (SOLD)

YES! Finally the unveil from 'My Shopping Dilemma #01'. After all the struggle of deciding which item to buy 'jacket or bag'? Fate has seem to sort out the dilemma itself. My Balenciaga jacket order from Matches Fashion got cancelled and I can buy my Gucci bag without any regrets! It was truly a blessing in disguise as the Balenciaga jacket suddenly appear back on the racks of Club 21 Men's store and I was able to have a second try. The sleeves were too short for my size 46. Most importantly, I thought the jacket was a short version but apparently it is not. So I was very happy I did not get the jacket.

As all of you should know, I got the bag instead:-) I got it on Wednesday, which I should have waited a few days later as Takashimaya is having a 10% rebate in vouchers for every $100 spent. Darn...I could have gotten a further $100 off, in a way for the purchase of the bag!

Oh well, I have to accept the fact I cannot get the rebate now..but I am still so happy with my bag. It is made from the finest and lightest calf leather and in a classic shape and light gold hardware. Very beautifully constructed and can take you from casual to formal, from day to night. It's the perfect all occasion bag. The triangular shape allows you to store quite a huge amount of things in the bag as the base is very broad. The long handles is good for shoulder carry so you dun have to tire out your hands after prolonged use.

The bag is lined with black nylon fabric with Gucci script logo and the Knight symbol as a pattern all over the fabric. And I am also very impressed with the amount of branded hardware for the bag. The studs, the buckles and metal zipper end are all engraved with 'Gucci'. Lots of fine little details that makes the bag even more impressive.

I love Gucci. And best of all, I love the ridiculously low price of the bag! I almost thought they put the wrong price tag when I first heard the price. My friend felt the same way too. On the Gucci website, this bag is retailing for Euro $645 (Approx. SGD$1419) and for the first time it actually costs more than Singapore!

Go buy the bag. The price is way too good to be true!

Retail price: SGD $1290. Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Takashimaya


Kevin said...

Oh I browse thru the fall winter bags lookbook that the SA showed me. The new colour is red. And this tote does not have the red colour. The shorter handle tote and the duffel bag will have a red coloured version.

Gucci brought it 9 pieces of this Guccissima tote bag. So have a think thru. I support getting it. Really nice leather. You seldom get this kind of price for full leather Gucci. And Guccissima leather seldom goes on sale. More true for this kinda of classic tote design. I think:-P My self consolation.

Qcjean09 said...

This bag is divine :)